World Heritage sites - panoramic pictures for all sites registered as World Heritage by the UNESCO

Links to other sites - panoramas from all the world

Fullscreen qtvr - high quality fullscreen QuickTime Virtual Reality

Manhattan images - panoramas from New York

Russian panoramas - panoramas from Russia

Parma - panoramas from Italy

Waverley cemetery - an active viewing

Australian panoramas - a blog of sorts

Panoguide - a free central resource of information and discussion about panoramic photography

Autostitch - freeware and other versions

Panorama Factory - shareware


Dom resources

Introduction to the DOM

Introduction to the DOM of IE/ Firefox

The DOM and Javascript

A DOM game

Dom objects and methods - a tutorial

DOM links


Online videos

revver - Flash animation

revver - Kid Singer prank


Hubble deep field

Chinese boys

Stage6 - divx site

gofish -

clipshack -

jumpcut - video sharing and video editing online.

eyespot - simple video editing



MashupCamp - conference for mashup developers

Programmable web -


CSS resources

A List Apart - for people who make websites

Position is everything - layout without tables plus a lot of CSS stuff

Quirks Mode - one of the best sources for studying and defeating browser incompatibilities.

CSS Zen Garden - what can be accomplished visually through CSS-based design.

Eric Meyer's Site - a CSS expert's blog

Digital Web Magazine - good articles on website building

CSS3 preview - new functions and features

CSS wiki


Colour Code chart - uses pantones

Web 2 color palette - favourite colours

Colour sphere - find all sorts of matching colours

Color Tool - pick colors for your website. Great use of ajax

Web design from scratch - lots of useful information

css based forms - very useful tutorial

53 css techniques - excellent collection

Code snippets - takes a look at handy pieces of html, ajax and css



Webcredible - optimise a website's usability and accessibility.



Yahoo podcasts - lots of examples and a good tutorial about assembling a blog

Feedburner - easily creates podcasts and promotes them.



Gabcast - record audio via phone for a blog



Anime Studio - useful trial software


Open source

30 essential open source programs - the cream of the crop of open source software for Windows.



iscrybe - online organiser still in beta test

spresent. - free web-based presentations application based on Flash


15 Javascript snippets - snippits for making sites that bit extra special